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Arogyam a Sanskrit word which means   "diseases free”. Arogyam program is full of  knowledge so that you may experience and even maintain  a higher sense of wellbeing in your body and a better sense of harmony with your surroundings. It accounts for the fact that every human being is unique and an ever-evolving entity whose nutritional needs change with every phase in life. That season, location, stresses, lifestyle, attitude, family, work, friends, everything plays an important role in deciding what your body needs at a given time.

We like to call my nutrition program "Arogyam program" because of the  belief that being overweight is itself a disease moreover if you are carrying high blood sugar uric acid or disturbed lipid profile etc you are not a disease free person .  All these can be corrected along with weight with disciplined diet &lifestyle modifications. As you can make out, its not a 'weight-loss' program, if at all, have to label it, it is a 'complete health program. It will educate you to make intelligent choices about food and exercise, taking into account your lifestyle and your fitness goals, and will keep you young in your body and sharp in your mind. Will you lose weight with Arogyam program ? Yes, as a by-product with complete fitness.


And what about workout? Its non-negotiable. You have to move your body, choose your way-gymming, running, Yoga, yor choice! We will help you with how and when.

Established in the year 2009, Arogyam Health & Wellness Centre is involved in providing solutions for Weight Management and Lifestyle Related Disorders.

We are providing wellness programs for




[]      Weight Management

[]      Weight management with Diabetes

[]      Weight management with Dyslipidemia           

[]      Weight management with PCOD/PCOS

[]      Weight management with Hypothyroidism

[]      Weight management with Hyperuricemia

[]      Pre & Post Natal  weight & health management Program

[]      Pre Marital Wellness Program


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